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20% off all wine purchases

Access to Wine Club Only Wines

Three 4-bottle shipments per year

VIP invitations to Winemakers

Weekend in the Woods and other events

Voter’s rights on the Club Wine

Cellar Dogs

• Widest variety of our wines
• 12 bottles per year, over 3 sets
• Reds & Whites determined by us

$48 per set

Big Red Classics

• Reds Only
• 12 bottles per year
• Our finer, luxury wines

$55 - $75 per set



American Tailgaters

• Tailgate wines and other easy drinking vintages
• 12 bottles per year
• Join the tailgate pickup parties

$30 per set

Holiday Givers

• One box of 5 wines every Christmas
• Includes 2 gift bags from the Farm Market and a gift card
• Both you and recipient get discounts on all wines.

$55 per set


* Rules* Must be 21 to join the club. Members commit to receive the next two shipments when signing up. Members must provide 30 days prior notice before the next shipment to drop the club. Can exchange wines with others in shipment, or add to order. Shipping Clubs agree to a $10 flat shipping rate. Pickup Clubs agree to pick up their wine by the end of the month.