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Sensory Development Series

Sensory Development Series

The Wine Sensory Seminar Series, persented by Fresno State Enology Faculty, learning how to detect the myriad expressions of wine, and put those senses into your own words.

The Wine Club "Sensory Seminar Series" is geared towards developing your wine senses and ability to describe the myriad aromas, flavors and characteristics of wines.  A list of topics for the Spring semester include:

  • How to Describe Red Wines (Jan 31)
  • Is this Wine Bad, or is it Supposed to Taste this way (Feb 28)
  • A Comparison of North Coast Cabernet Sauvignons (Mar 28)
  • Learning to Detect White Grape Aromas (Apr 25)
  • The Secret of Blind Tasting (May 30)

The course is limited to 36 seats.  Wine Club members are welcome to invite one non-member each as a guest.  Guest tickets must be purchased by club members.

Location: Department of Viticulture & Enology Conference Room (2360 E. Barstow)

Time: Seminars will run from 6:30 - 8:00



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