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California Clubs

California Wine Clubs


The Fresno State Winery is the original University Winery. Our wines alone represent the energy, creativity and hand-crafted passion of young winemakers.  The only way to guarantee access to our top tier, Black Label, wines is through one of our clubs.  Membership has its privileges. In addition to access to our wines, you have VIP access to our pick-up parties and winemaker's dinners, and so much more.

Our commitment to you as a Member
  • As a member, you can cancel or put your account on hold at any time.  No pressure.  We won’t call you the next day unless you really want us to.
  • Members select “Ship” or “Pickup”.  But you can change your mind if you want.  Anytime.
Club Costs

It is always Free to join the wine club, and your 20% discount rate applies as soon as you join. We only charge your card the four times a year that we ship the wines. If you select the Big Reds or Cellar Dogs, your average cost will be $50 to $75 per shipment. If you join our Alumni Vintners, the average cost is roughly $75 to $125 per shipment. However, as an Alumni Vintner you can also choose to skip any specific wine if it is above your preferred price point.

Membership has its Benefits
  • First rights to our Black Label, small batch production wines
  • VIP Invitation to Winemaker's Dinners and Wine Sensory Seminars
  • Three shipments per year, or three pickup parties for local members.
Small but important Rules
  • Must be 21-years-old to join. (One benefit of getting older.)
  • Shipping members agree to a nominal shipping fee.
  • Can cancel membership any time* Pickup members agree to pick up wines prior to end of month or pay shipping. We know that’s rough, but really? You want your wines sitting here with a bunch of young winemakers around? They love what they make!

* We let you know (by email) of a pending shipment/party 2-3 weeks ahead of time.  We then charge your card roughly 7 days before each shipment/party.  We only ask that you don’t change your mind in the finally 7 days in between the time we charge your card and the time you get it. Our students are winemakers, not accountants.

Four or five bottles per shipment, winemakers choice (75% reds, 25% whites) 
Four or five bottles each shipment.  All Fresno State reds.
The same bottles from "Cellar Dogs" shipment, plus two bottles from Fresno State Alumni winemakers.
The same bottles from "Big Reds" shipment, plus two bottles from Fresno State Alumni winemakers.

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